The evaluation session for biofeedback is $250 and is 80 minutes long. In this session you will learn three biofeedback techniques, two of which you can use for the rest of your life on your own. You may pay Dr. Thomas directly with a check, cash or credit card. We will give you a receipt for insurance reimbursement.

Please also note the following:

1. We usually do not accept insurance assignment. Treatment sessions are $225, payable at the beginning of the session.

2. A 10 session commitment is strongly advised in order to give the biofeedback treatment a good chance of working. There is an 85% chance that in this amount of time the treatment will show result in improvement of your symptoms. The sessions should be once a week and be as consistent as possible.

3. If it is absolutely necessary to accept insurance assignment, we can discuss in the first session. There are some limitations in this kind of arrangement, such as session schueduling limited to Monday and Wednesday 2-5pm. More details of the kind of arrangement can be discussed at the first session.