Biofeedback for Migraines

Non-Pharmaceutical Treatments for Migraines in NYC

Biofeedback for Migraines – Migraine Treatment in New York

Imagine migraines becoming part of your past, 
and learning to control your health for the future.

With Biofeedback, theres an 85% likelihood of substantial relief in 8 sessions.

The Brain Clinic of New York City offers high quality, cost effective migraine and headache treatment under the careful supervision of Dr. J. Lawrence Thomas, a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist in practice for over 30 years. Dr. Thomas is also board certified in EEG biofeedback.

The Brain Clinic is one the few clinics in New York City that offers medication-free treatment for migraines and headaches, including biofeedback, cognitive behavior therapy, and relaxation techniques. The treatment sessions can include electromyography (EMG) training, relaxation therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy and combined emg/relaxation therapy. 

Why Should I Choose a Medication-Free Treatment Option?

Biofeedback treatment works to reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of migraines without the need for medication. Medication-free treatments are ideal for some patients who prefer to avoid medication, such as

  • women of child-bearing age
  • children
  • non-responders
  • refractory cases
  • those with possible drug interactions

Demonstration of Biofeedback for Migraines

Why Should I Choose the Brain Clinic?

  • 85% likelihood of substantial relief in 8 sessions.
  • Insurance may cover much of the cost (we can work with insurance companies for payment).
  • We train patients in controlling their own physiology & relaxation, useful for other medical conditions (e.g., anxiety, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other disorders).

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We accept various forms of payment, including Visa and Mastercard. 

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