Biofeedback for Migraines

Imagine migraines becoming part of your past, and learning ways of controlling your physiology for good health — skills for a lifetime.

Biofeedback for Migraines New York

The Brain Clinic of New York City offers high quality, cost effective treatment of migraines and other headaches under the careful supervision of a senior level neuropsychologist, Dr. J. Lawrence Thomas, a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist in practice for over 30 years. Dr. Thomas is also board certified in EEG biofeedback.

The Brain Clinic is one the few clinics in New York City that offers biofeedback for migraines.

For doctors & patients who wish to avoid medication (e.g., women of child-bearing age, children, non-responders, requests for alternatives, refractory cases, drug interactions).

85% likelihood of substantial relief in 8 sessions (and the feedback is watching any movie you want!).

Insurance may cover much of the cost (we can work with insurance companies for payment).

We train patients in controlling their own physiology & relaxation, useful for other medical conditions (e.g., anxiety, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other disorders).

 Biofeedback for Migraines- Demonstration

Non-Pharmaceutical Treatments for Migraines in NYC

Biofeedback for Migraines New York

• Adult migraines affect more than 10% of the population, with women three times more likely to experience their burdening effects than men (NINDS, 2012).

• Most professionals believe that migraines cannot be "cured" since the exact pathophysiology is unknown. However, experts have been very successful in using biofeedback to treat migraines.

• In many cases eight sessions can result in no more migraines.

• Biofeedback treatment for migraines and other headaches works to reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of migraines and has been known to be helpful for several decades.

• The treatment sessions include electromyography (EMG) training, relaxation therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy and combined emg/relaxation therapy. The latest treatment consists of using both heart rate variability training and hemoencephalography (HEG) biofeedback.

At the Brain Clinic, we offer comprehensive treatment for those with migraines and headaches. Biofeedback, cognitive behavior therapy, and relaxation techniques are used to provide medication-free treatment.

What causes migraines?

What is biofeedback?

How does biofeedback treat migraines?


We accept various forms of payment, including Visa, Mastercard. 

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